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Friday, January 24, 2014

SmartWorld Weekly: Cheaper smart lights + wireless health gadgets

This week's SmartWorld Series features a cheaper alternative to connected lights, wireless monitors for health tracking, and privacy concerns for connected cars.

If you missed this week's SmartWorld Series, here's your chance to catch up on the exciting developments happening in the connected world. Each week, we round up the best of apps and services for health and fitness, smart homes, smart cars and anything related to the Internet of Things.

New SmartHome solutions : Color-changing lights + smart cutting board

The Philips Hue has a challenger and it's much cheaper. The BeeWi Smart Color Light will soon be available for only $40 a bulb. What makes it better than the Hue is that it doesn't need a hub, as it connects directly to your mobile device's Bluetooth. To find out more about the BeeWi Smart Color Light, as well as other smart home solutions, check out this week's SmartHome roundup.

iHealth Labs launch takes health monitoring to 3 new levels

Keeping track of your vital signs will now be easier while on the go with iHealth Labs' three new wireless monitoring devices. The three new devices are the Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor, Wireless Ambulatory Electrocardiogram, and the Wireless Pulse Oximeter. You can monitor and share your data directly with your doctor using your mobile device and the cloud. To learn more about these devices, check out this week's Wearable Tech roundup.

Car manufacturers questioned for data collection

The push to release more connected cars is increasing. Connected cars help manufacturers know if the system has a glitch and fix it early, and car owners can get a diagnostic of their car even before they take it to the shop. These are just some of the benefits of owning an internet connected car, but these benefits are being overshadowed by privacy concerns regarding how they collect data from car owners, and what car manufacturers do with these data. To find out more, check out this week's SmartCar roundup.

Tune in next week for more interesting stories, discoveries and innovations in the world of smart and connected things.

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